City Bus Surveillance Solution

City Bus Surveillance Solution  

Public Transport Enterprise only can monitor and dispatch the buses, drivers and conductors effectively by MDVR On-board video surveillance system as they running outside. 


Safety Issues During Operation

  •  Illegal driving: Over-speeding, rapid acceleration/deceleration, sharp turn and other acts which seriously affect the safety of passengers.
  •  Unusual event: open the door while driving; the back door clips passengers; start driving the vehicle before passengers get off, which easily cause accidents.
  •  Emergencies: Extreme behavior such as fire explosion on a bus, which need complete evidence.
  •  Vehicle breakdown: vehicle breaks down during the operation, which need to report immediately in order to avoid accidents.
Problems During Daily Operation
  •  Station line: a variety of complex station announcement line such as annular, U-shaped line which need automatic station announcement.
  •  Device maintenance: device replacement, maintenance which takes too long time and affect the normal operation of the vehicle.
  •  Video review: lower definition video has been far from meeting the requirements of a variety of evidence.
  •  Convenient scheduling: complex and cumbersome vehicle scheduling is less convenient than one key switch line.
  •  Scientific scheduling: scientifically analyzing and scientifically modeling to solve problems such as delay and reasonable scheduling for traffic peaks and flats.


City bus MDVR OBVS (On-board video surveillance system) overview
iFARsys Intelligent bus scheduling management system integrated lots of technologies, such as AVL, Google map, internet, database, 3G/4G-LTE communication, electronic, RFID smart card, Accurate Passengers Counter etc. It becomes a set of advanced On-board security system with intelligent scheduling, information service and network communication. It’s the only way for the bus enterprises to improve the management level of public transport operating and scheduling. The iFAR OBVS System follows principles: unified platform, unified planning, one center, mufti-layer application.


Perfect Public Transport Vehicle Monitoring System
The whole system with two parts, MDVR OBVS system and iFAR RMP(Remote Management Platform), the iFARsys OBVS system, including Mobile DVR recorder, security cameras, station announcement, speaker, alarm, LED display, GPS, etc.
The system started by the driver, directly open vehicle monitoring equipment, MDVR recorder the information from security cameras, the management center staff can get the recorded date by changing the car hard disk, SD card, or via USB download it when stop, to inspect the terminal management through the analysis of the playback iFAR software.




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